Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Another ToT Bust

Yet again, I have nothing to contribute to today's ten on Tuesday--how do we welcome people to the neighborhood? Basically we wave until we see them out watering their lawn or picking up their mail and then I go and quiz them about their entire personal history. Pilot, though:

He greets everyone like they are his oldest bestest friend ever and where have they been? WHERE HAVE THEY BEEN?

Except for Nelly, the love of his life. Then he's just kind of beside himself.

Comet is warrier and Jessie Cat (rare sighting) is generally disinterested.

What else? More pivoting happening (pictures this week) and this cowl is done:

It looks good, and now it is way too warm to wear it!

I'm sort of stumped on upcoming projects so maybe it is best to just persevere with the four on the needles (yikes). I have two pivoted projects, Sea Tangles, and a tank. There we go.

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Bridget said...

Oh and I just realized KITTIES too! YAY!