Monday, May 16, 2016

Kathy's Monday meme

It is Monday and of course it is all about Kathy and her meme!

*Am I surprised that Kathy is knitting lace with Big Yarn?

I am all for knitting lace with yarn that is bigger than laceweight. It is the only way I can stay sane when doing lace! So Kathy, you go, girl!

*What's your favorite toe nail polish color for summer?

I don't paint my toes (sorry). Or my fingers.

*What do you do with an odd leftover knitted sock?

It lives sadly alone in a drawer.

*Have you ever had lice?

No--I guess I have been lucky that way!

*Have you ever had a Tic?

We're having a bad tick season in the PNW, and we have found a great drug for the dogs that kills fleas and Ticks and it seems to really work. I've had a tick or two in my life (mostly as a little kid) but we try to be vigilant about keeping them off the dogs.

Are you afraid of needles? 

I thought this meant knitting needles! I'm not afraid of them! But other needles--yes. I even cried one time when someone told me I couldn't register for class until I had a tetanus shot. I pictures a HUGE needle for that. The person felt sorry for me and just told me not to fall into the Charles River in Boston and she would let me register.
Just so you know, I have had an update to my tetanus shot recently so I'm good to fall into rivers and cut myself and things.

I have to say I really don't notice the people who make patterns. The one I do remember is Kieran Foley since his (I think he's a guy) patterns are really really unique.

Happy Monday!

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kathy b said...

Your needle story is so cute. I did think as soon as i hit PUBLISH that one might think I meant our knitting needles! I was off to have bloodwork drawn so that prompted my question. I know tons of nurses who are needle phobic!