Monday, May 02, 2016

Monday Memeday

First Monday of May and of course Kathy has a meme.

* Do you follow any blogs that are not knit or crochet blogs? Kind of? I follow a few blogs about statistics and research  methods, and those people post once in a blue moon, hence the kind of.

*Do you wind your yarn into cakes or balls? Depends! If it is an untangly yarn then I'll wind it on my ball winder which, despite its name, makes a cake. If Tim is winding it (tangly yarn), then it will be a ball.

*What is the longest stretch you can recall not knitting? On vacation somewhere--maybe four days?

*Do you bake or buy birthday cakes? Neither? For my birthday last Saturday, we got fudge n the coast.

*Do you drink water every day? Yes she said, a bottle of water by her side.

*Have you given up on knitting a certain garment?Hmm not really, although I made a pair of baby pants once and I don't think I'll do that again.

*For the terrifying question there are several parts:
Have you ever been:
stuck in an elevator? Not that I can recall (and I think I'd recall!).

lost on a hike? Kind of? Certainly times we've lost the trail and it took a while to find it. But never 'lost in the woods we're going to have to eat the dogs to survive' lost.

run out of gas? I haven't but my mom ran out of gas when I was 12 and I was SO EMBARRASSED.

needed to have an emergency landing..?? No, but once we had to pull over on the way to the runway so the medics could come check out a guy. He was fine though.

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