Sunday, May 08, 2016

Sunday random

  • I have about ten rounds left on Nova Scotia. I'll definitely knit this one again--I have black white and grey yarn in the stash to do so. I love the patterns and contrast. 
  • Happy Mother's day! The animals gave me a card and some truffles, and two colleagues that I mentored sent me flowers (they just had their first baby, Jihoo, and consider me the baby's grandmother since both their moms are in Korea).
  • We watched "Brooklyn" last night and it was a lovely, lovely movie. 
  • I'm reading "I'll see you in Paris" and I like it a lot. 
  • I planted four African daisies yesterday--the garden is great---I've had daffodils, then tulips, now irises, and the foxgloves are just starting. But that means by the end of May everything will be done--hence daisies.


kathy b said...

Nova Scotia is just gorgeous. Happy Mothers day to you too!

KSD said...

I haven't seen "Brooklyn," but Briton has, and he liked it very, very much. Saoirse Ronan is one of his favorites.