Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tuesday Two Memes

Carole and Kathy both posted memes today, so let's do them both!

Carole asked about ten things from the long weekend. Here goes:

1. Long walks with dogs all day (yay!)
2. Indian Food for lunch on Saturday.
3. I washed the cars (the annual ritual)
4. I weed whacked the back yard.
5. I finished two books (Mothering Sunday and Be Frank with Me)
6. I started several more and gave up after a few pages (yay library!)
7. I sat on the patio and did some watercolor painting.
8. We watched "Madoff".
9. Tim made an entire dinner--bbq chicken, zucchini, corn and sweet potatoes--on the Big Green Egg.
10. I politely answered questions from students even though it was a holiday.

And Kathy asked some yes or no questions:

*Will you be watching the Summer Olympics? Maybe? The Olympics will have Rugby 7s this year so I'm eager to see that--but not sure if that will ever be shown.

*Is School OUT yet in your neighborhood? No, not yet--another week I think.

*Did you go to summer camp? Yes. I hated sleep away camp but I went to a neighborhood day camp.

*Do you display your needles? No. I wish I could even find my needles when I want specific ones!

*Have you been on Ravelry this week? Yes, of course!

*Do you walk outside at night? Yes--we try to do a little stroll in the evenings in the summer and watch the bats come out (which makes it sound like we live in Translyvania).

*Do you think in metric? HAHA no.

*Do you want a swap? Yes, I could swap.

*Are you afraid of mosquito borne illness? Not really but I think I should be.

*Have you knit a Christmas or Holiday gift for 2016 yet? No but then I'm not big on gift knitting!

Happy Tuesday everyone!


kathy b said...

thanks Again for playing!!! Great to know I'm not alone with metric

elns said...

Great lists! Good stuff as always Kim! I kind of want to eat Indian Food and read now, ha!