Sunday, May 22, 2016

Up (and down) Date

 This gorgeous hank of yarn arrived in the mailbox courtesy of my twinnie.

It is cotton and bamboo and it is perfect for a summer scarf. And today I found the perfect pattern: the Up and Down Summer Scarf.

And if you go to Ravelry in the next few days, you can sign up for the KAL and get a coupon code to get the pattern for free! So that's a win! I'm going to cake this up today and cast on!

In other news:
-We watched "Concussion" last night--it was very good but pretty sad, especially if you are a football fan.
-I'm reading a great book called "The Ecliptic". I read the first novel by this author (Benjamin Wood) last winter (The Bellwether Revivals) and this one is equally engaging.
-Last week was pretty crazy with end of term stuff, and this week will be a bit calmer but still a bit busy.
-Other than that, life is pulling weeds and sweeping up dog hair.

I love foxgloves: here are the volunteers in my yard:


kathy b said...

Love your cotton bamboo for summer. Great colorway Kim!!!
I really liked the Doctor in Concussion. SO humble so lovely. It made the movie for me.

KSD said...

See, that's what you do --- you perfectly match yarn and pattern. You should hire out your service!