Sunday, June 12, 2016

All done!

Grades are in, annoying student has been slapped down, awards have been awarded, diplomas delivered.

Today was the J school graduation and the honors ceremony. In the past, the honors ceremony has been the day before graduation (which is on Monday). Because the UO has grown so much, there are few venues that can hold all of the students/families in the 'big' schools (us, the business school, the Honors college, and the School of Ed). So the J school graduation got moved til Sunday (the rest of the UO graduates tomorrow) and our honors ceremony stayed on Sunday because the NCAA Track and Field Championships were going on til yesterday AND there were no hotel rooms for visiting parents.

Did you get all that? TL:DR: sometimes living in a small town is a logistical nightmare.

Our graduation has gotten way too big and impersonal---we handed out 614 diplomas to J school grads today (that includes summer grads and fall 2015 AND 206 grads, and winter 2016 grads). How do I know that exact count? Because I had the important job of handing a stacks of diploma covers to my colleague Regina, who then handed them to our interim dean to give to students. My colleague Peter and I stood on concrete floors for 90 minutes moving about ten steps either way to pick up or deliver covers. After about half an hour I was exhausted and Peter--who is 20 years younger than me (at least) was also exhausted (and he is a marathon runner). So that was my day.

But there is knitting! This is Irina:

I like the pattern--it is  some very simple cables but they kind of alternative in some interesting ways.


fillyjonk said...

I would have skipped my undergrad graduation had I known (and had my parents let me, that might have been an issue). Thousands of us (a large Public Ivy school) and we didn't even walk across a stage or get our names called, all they did was announce, "We have officially conferred your degrees, please move your tassel to the left"

We have a couple hundred here each graduation but at least they read off each person's name.

kathy b said...

oh Boy standiing on concrete really is killer. HOspital floors are just a covering over concrete. Absolute torture. They don't even give standing mats, EXCEPT to the OR surgeons. Off you feet lady and on to those needles . Love your cable start

Kim in Oregon said...

There's a University graduation where no names are read (they used to do PhDs there) and I'm not sure what the point is! Every school/department has its own ceremony so every student gets their name read. I think that is important and I"m glad we do it, even with my sore feet!

Kim in Oregon said...

Kathy--I wore what I *thought* were my most appropriate standing shoes (from Arcopedico--they do great shoes for people w/ bunions) but in retrospect I should have worn my Dansko clogs.