Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Behold Blue Things

I'm knitting blue things.

I finished this and need a warm day to block it.
The book--"The Last Days of Magic"--don't bother.

Mindless sock for Tim. No idea what the yarn is.
Oh, I also read "Sweetbitter". It was OK (and this has been HYPED as one of THE books of the summer).

This is Irina from Knit.wear. Haven't gotten too far on it.

I need a nap.


kathy b said...

Permission granted. THere is a book called NAPPING Without GUILT. Im all for it.

elns said...

Kim I'm digging all the blue knits! I love when you theme knit. ha! The scarf looks great and that sock is gorgeous. I am fascinated with the toe up knitting. Well at least other people's ;)

I'm exhausted so you go nap for me too. I prepaid for an exercise class tonight to guarantee I go. I think I've gone past the time I can cancel it anyhow, ha!