Monday, June 13, 2016

I adora Quora!

Kathy has renamed her inquisitive Monday posts to Quora Time! So let's go!
 I think I've taken knitting on camping trips. I also knit in Costa Rica when we stayed places with no electricity. So yes!

Do you play board or card games in summer?
We play Bananagrams every once in a while!
  Are you hooked on Amy Beth?

I have no idea what this means.
Are you angry at a bird? 

The ones that start singing at 5:15 am, yes I am.
Have you discovered you were wrong about something? Want to share? 
Oh I'm wrong about stuff all the time.

You are given a gift.  To a spa.  Would you get a massage, a facial, mani pedi or scalp treatment? 
A massage!

Do you use a provisional cast on?
I hate these. I can never get the stitches back on the needle. I tend to just seam stuff together.

Have you lost a swift? 
The swift and ball winder live in a felted bag in the closet, so no.

Is your 2016 New Years Plan still rocking it?
I don't think I had a plan?

Have you made lemonade pie? 
This sounds good but sweet!

Do you ask SIRI , What planes are overhead?
OK I learned two things today--that I can make Siri an Aussie guy and he'll tell me planes. Off to go do that. Thanks Kathy!

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kathy b said...

I adora quora!!!!!! That's the new title every monday! YOUNAILED IT