Monday, June 20, 2016

I adora Quora!

What's your preference? Butterflies or Hummingbirds?
SOPHIE'S CHOICE!! I love them both. We have a huge butterfly bush outside the office and this is shaping up to be a good season for butterflies. Yet--there is something magical about a hummingbird.

*What's your preference? Boxed water or bottled water?
Boxed water--what? A box of water? And Kathy--what is it better than? 
I"m very lucky that we have wonderful tap water in Oregon. 


*For next to your skin softness,  do you prefer  angora, cashmere, alpaca, or acyrlic?
 Cashmere I think--alpaca is beautiful but it is very warm which leaves to itchiness. Angora--itchy. Acrylic--let us not speak of that.

*Do you have an interchangeable needle set or do you  prefer the individual circs?
 I prefer individual circs--I have an original pair of Knit Picks but I"m always losing portions.

*Do you prefer an alcoholic drink before, during or after your dinner?  
 Growing up my family was cocktails ONLY before dinner. I don't drink a lot but now it is one glass of something (cider?) to last both before and during dinner.

*What cuts into your knitting time more,  others in your home or your own wanderings on the internet? 
 Hmm. A bit of both I think.

*Would you rather have a snowstorm as in Blizzard, or a heatwave with violent thunderstorms. 
 Hmm. Can I have the thunderstorm without the heatwave? When I lived in Chicago I DEFINITELY was a Blizzard girl--probably so in Boston too. Now I think I'm a heatwave girl.

You just won a all expenses paid trip to a Fiber Festival. Would you go alone or try to bring a knit pal along? 
 I'd take you and Kim.



kathy b said...

Oh I'll go along!!! I just found the boxed water last week in my grocery store. I think it is an awesome idea

KSD said...

My Go Bag is ready. Just give the signal!