Monday, June 27, 2016

Quora Ahora!

 If it is Monday, Kathy is going to have questions.

*Where do you keep your favorite old patterns? I once did notebooks with fancy schmancy plastic things but then I threw most of them away. Now they either all live electronically on Ravelry or in a pile under my desk.

*When was the last time you got to bottle feed a baby? Last Thanksgiving--one of my PhD students and his wife had a baby and I got to feed her. Speaking of babies: no cria yet.

*What knitting will you pick up and enjoy today?
I think it is a new '12 days of christmas' mitten day so probably that!

*Can you do a flip turn? I think I could for five minutes when I was nine.

*You just won a raffle.  What's your pick? *Independent yarn dyers sock yarn. I've been burned by too many mystery things and I'm not a fan of online classes.

*You can photograph anything perfectly and show us on your blog tomorrow. 
What will it be?The baby cria!  
* Name a New knit website to check out please-

*Name something you only drink in summer-shandies! We had them yesterday because it got hot out.

*You are give a new skill
Do you choose:
a) talk to the animals
b) talk to the dead
c)talk on the radio and have your own show for a night
Anyone who knows me, just a bit, knows that I would pick A--talk to the animals--immediately!



kathy b said...

Im waiting for that BABY too ! Email me if it happens tonight! I m praying to St. Francis for a safe baby

Kim in Oregon said...

Thanks Kathy! They generally have them between 10 am and 2pm so tomorrow at the earliest!

KSD said...

Boy, that five minutes when you were nine must have been FUN!!!!!!!