Saturday, June 18, 2016

Saturday update

1. Irina: I have the first five or so inches done. I really like this knit and I think I can even knit on this while reading.

2. Book Bingo:
Not doing too bad--the yellow ones are the ones that I've completed. I'm reading 'Smoke" right now and I will complete it--it is interesting. I started reading it because someone described it as a mix of "Harry Potter" and "His Dark Materials" and at first I was disappointed (it is nothing even close to Harry Potter) but once I got my mind around it being much more like "His Dark Materials" I started liking it much  more.

3. Watercolor: I signed up for a class in July and I'm excited about that!

4. Anniversary recap: we went out for a delicious dinner at the Excelsior last night. We shared a "Fritto Misto de Mare" appetizer (seafood), I had filet and Tim had duck, and then we shared a delicious chocolate thing for dessert. We took a nice walk after dinner and had a really lovely time.

So those are my updates!


KSD said...

Happy you had a good anniversary dinner; sounds amazing.

kathy b said...

Love that IRINA! the color is one of my favorites Keep reading till you get BINGO. Im reading H is for Hawk

Rachel said...

I'm still trying to figure out if you are going for a summer coverall. I'm thinking you are. I'm reading a book for my third square...of course I'm going for completion in a year!

Love that you signed up for a watercolor class -- inspiring to see that you wrote it down for a bucket list goal and then did something to make it happen.

Happy Anniversary to you and Tim!!

Kim in Oregon said...

Thanks Rachel! I'm trying to not obsess over BB so it is what it is.