Friday, June 17, 2016

Slowly growing

I really love this pattern:

I'm using a bunch of Koigu mini skeins and am alternating 'darker' and 'lighter' and using things primarily in the 'blue family. The 'solid' stripes are a set of five gradient yarns (I'm almost done with the second blue) to create some interesting color stuff in that area.

I'm finally DONE--advanced a student to candidacy (for a PhD) yesterday. This poor guy was about to drop out of the PhD program because he wasn't connecting well with his adviser and his dissertation proposal was a mess and kept getting messier. Our grad director suggested that I step in for his adviser and he said that he was sure I was too busy--but this is a great student and I'm thrilled to work with him. So we went through three or four additional iterations on his proposal over the last month (yes, the timeline is short since he needs to get dissertation credits) and yesterday he got approval from his committee. So that is happy.

Today is our 21st anniversary--we are going out for a nice dinner tonight and we look forward to being DONE.


kathy b said...

Happy Happy Anniversary and many more. Im thrilled for the PHD candidate that you seriously rescued. Not to mention that schooling is very expensive, failing is so difficult on a person. Thank you for the care kindness and faith you gave this student.

KSD said...

Not surprised that you're a saver. Proud of you AND the student.

Still loving the Koigu. . .