Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Tot: Curiosity

Carole admits she isn't curious and asks ten things we're curious about. I love this prompt since curiosity is one of the areas I've studied academically--it is a precursor (arguably) to creativity and many people who say that they aren't 'creative' readily admit that they're curious. Creativity (arguably) can't be learned but curiosity is a like a muscle that can be worked out. So great topic!

Ten things I'm curious about:
1. What will happen in the election. I think we will have some type of October surprise but I'm not sure what.
2. What the weather will be like this summer--will it again be the hottest one on record?
3. Who is moving in to the student rental across the street.
4. Where do bats go all day?
5. Why do we see a few deer at the same time and place for a few days and then we go to look for them and POOF they are gone?
6. Where does all the fur in our house come from? All of our animals are short haired with almost no undercoat. Yet the fur keeps coming! Is it from me?
7. What does Jessie the cat think about all day? And why does she sleep with us every night for six months and then one night decide the living room chair is the best place?
8. There's a house near ours where yesterday I saw, hanging in the yard, two ducks, two wild turkeys and three cats. How does that harmony happen?
9. Why do people need to play music SO LOUD?
10. Why the cherries from the tree are only good for about four hours before they start to turn?

Summer is the best time to open your eyes and see what's happening!


Susan said...

I really want to know more about bats. I have been dying to get a bat house so I can at least encourage them to hang out in our yard. Do they sleep in their houses/caves all day, perhaps?

Bonny said...

The answer to number four is that the bats sleep hanging from the rafters in my attic and barn during the day. I don't mind them in the barn, but they are very disconcerting in the attic and almost impossible to keep out without constant vigilance. I had no idea that curiosity was studied academically, but am now off to Google Scholar to take a look. Thanks!

Kim in Oregon said...

Ralph Nichols did some interesting work in describing how curiosity is like a river--as we age it gets dammed up and we need to remove the things that block us from being curious!

Kwizgiver said...

Very interesting!

kathy b said...

that cherry question is a good one? Our current Rainier cherries are 7 dollars a pound. OUCH

AsKatKnits said...

This is a great list! And, yes - where to bats go and that cat question! Exactly!