Tuesday, June 14, 2016

TOT: The Summer Bucket List

Summer is finally here for me, and Carole wants to know about the Summer Bucket List! So here we go!

1. Learn to watercolor. I know this sounds like I am stalking Carole but I'm really not. I bought a set of paints because I have a hankering to learn, I've looked at some online tutorials and I'm keeping my eyes out for a class to take this summer.

2. Bike. We have bikes but for some reason don't use them very often (at all) in Eugene (Tim rides his from work to school in Corvallis). I want to bike more, especially now that I'm in better shape to tackle the hill up to my house.

3. Spend time with the baby cria. Any day now, my alpaca Brownie is going to give birth to her first cria. There are three pregnant alpacas at the farm where she lives, and Ann at Aragon Alpacas posted this picture of the first cria, Stryder, just the other day:

4. Garden. I'd write 'weed' but that doesn't sound fun. The garden needs some love. I will give it some love.

5. Lots of knitting projects, of course, and I'm casting on for a new one today--and it is a holiday knit so there's that!

6. Reading of course--I have a pile of books about science and I want to get through them in preparation for a new class next year (on communication science, and why it is so hard).  Plus it might be "Magic Mountain" time.

7. Farmers Markets--after the Great CSA Disaster of 2015 we didn't join a CSA but we have farmers markets almost every day here in the lush Willamette Valley. I need to get in the habit of going to those instead of the grocery for fruits and veggies.

8. Pesky work--I have a couple of work projects but nothing I can't handle or that will take me too far away from this bucket list.

9. Hiking and kayaking. We didn't get a lot of kayaking in last summer--drought? Too hot? Not sure? But we'll change that this year.

10. Hawaii. And then we'll shut the Summer Bucket with a trip to Hawaii in September. Aloha!


Kwizgiver said...

I like how you called it Pesky work! I've got some pesky work stuff, too.

Bonny said...

I was reading along, thinking your list sounded pretty good, and then I got to #10! What an excellent thing to put in your bucket!

kathy b said...

Love your list! Kayaking and canoeing are so fun. Im beginning to like to ride my bike more than ever. NOt like a crazy cyclist like my husband, but like a quiet little bike rider around town.

AsKatKnits said...

Oh man! Number 10 is awesome! Fantastic list!

17th stitch said...

Love your list! and #10 sounds amazing...