Friday, June 03, 2016

Under control

My grading is under control (and they're not due for a bit), I have a few defenses next week and then I'm done for the summer (with a caveat, I just received two small grants -- yay -- for two projects to work on this summer. But I'm excited about those! Plus have a new piece of research to get underway).

I've added a bit to this:

And it is working well (it looks kind of dark, which it kind of is--but I think in real life it is maybe one tone lighter--the solid colors in between are blue which may not be showing up so well here).

I like this.

Plus, I finished a stockinette tank in cotton/bamboo and just have to do the straps/neckline in a lace pattern--so that is kind of a surprise finish. It looks huge right now but will probably fit ok.

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