Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Wednesday Wee-cap

Here's a short recap (wee-cap, get it?) of my life.
  1. No cria yet.
  2. I cast on for what looks like a cute top: Construction zone. I'm using some Rowan Calmer that has been in the stash forever, even though this is supposed to be made with a somewhat thicker linen yarn.
  3. Linen yarn: it is SO DAMN EXPENSIVE. I mean linen is a plant, right? Like a weed? Isn't it growing wild everywhere? Why is it so expensive?
  4. We're going to the Oregon Bach Festival tonight---another lovely thing about Oregon is a two week festival of classical music here in Eugene. The focus is obviously on Bach, although tonight we're hearing a trio of Viennese Masters: Haydn, Beethoven and Mozart. 
  5. I'm reading "Before the Fall" and it is unputdownable. 
  6. So here's something weird: at night I put on a bunion splint (it pulls my big toe out and stretches it to relieve the pain of a bunion). For the past several nights, I've been taking it off (I think in my sleep) in the middle of the night. Generally the movement wakes Tim up--the first time it happened  and I asked him to ask me if I was awake when I take it off. Two nights ago, I was awake and taking it off and he asked and I replied that yes, I was awake. And I was. Last night, the same thing--only I wasn't. I have no recollection of it this morning.
  7. Exercise update: I'm walking 2-3 miles every morning and then following that up with 15-20 minutes of weights. This is good--my exercise guru Lauren told me that doing the same DVD workout every day starts to decline in effectiveness after five or six weeks. So now I spent the 15-20 minutes per day alternating between arms, core and lower body, and I have enough short workouts on different DVDs I can create a different workout every day for about a month. That's a good thing! I like working out with weights because I can feel things becoming easier--and then I can add some weight to it to make it challenging again. 
  8. Did I mention? No cria yet.


Rachel said...

The cria wait is kind of funny to me...our animals start to show signs, I start getting anxious and often, it's 1 to 2 weeks before they give birth! Others show no signs and I'll look out and see a calf unexpectedly. So I have to laugh at the daily updates of 'no cria'! What is the author of Before the Fall? Great on the exercise! I've been on a big push to get a rough draft of a chapter in a book done and have let the exercise slide...really need to get back to it.

Anonymous said...

Rachel--I keep expecting to get a text saying "we woke up and there's a cria out there! The book is by Noah Hawley.

KSD said...

That's a wonderful pattern; I've looked at it several times. Sorry the linen is such a pill.