Monday, July 18, 2016

Because Monday

It wouldn't be Monday without Kathy's Quora.

1-I'm giving some away, (Lets just say) do you want  Homemade pickles or homemade salsa?
I would say salsa but Tim would say pickles.

2- Should I pack my knitting all in one box or spread it around in the event  a box goes  missing?
I'm very confused--wouldn't that be a huge giant box? I would spread it around. I would keep the best yarns with me in the car during the move. 

3- Best yarn sale this summer?  Share the savings!
I haven't bought anything, although if I found some linen on sale I would purchase it!

I'm running out of underwear. 
So less to pack. 
Should I buy in a month?
Just wash what I have for a few weeks? 
It's clean for goodness sake, I'm just running out
I would buy more. It really doesn't take up much room.

Give me your best no cook summer dinner. 
The barbecue grill ran out of fuel. I don't want to refill it. 
Also Fireman just cleaned it really well. 
I can't turn on the oven in this summery heat-
Carry out!

I'm drinking coffee from the dear Fred Rodgers Mug. 
Fred says,
"You can never go down the drain" 
What is your favorite Fred saying?
It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

Al's knitting with Quince and Co linen. 
Apparently linen shrinks, but stretches back. 
What's been your experience?
I'm not sure I've ever knitted with linen, but want to.

I think I may make a silver and gold Christmas stocking.
Would this be weird? 
This would be beautiful.

What network do you use for a new cable company.
We liked Wide Open West, or WOW.
They don't service in Wisconsin.
We use comcast for everything and I hate them.

The cicadas have started singing their summer song. 
I like this sound.
What summer sounds do you like?
Summer rain!

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kathy b said...

oh SUmmer rains are the best!
Thanks for playing when your heart is broken