Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Christmas (in July) Quora

Kathy is apparently the Queen of Ting a Ling  and wants to know about Christmas.

1. We all have our Christmas movie favorites.
Do you have a summer movie you watch over and over? 

It has to be either "Love Actually" or "White Christmas."

2. How's your Holiday 2016 knitting coming along?

The second of the 12 days of Christmas mitten is done!

3. I have more time to read in Summer than around the Winter Holidays.  What have you read lately?

best thing recently was "The Ecliptic". But I have H is for Hawk on the kindle and should read that.

4. Is there anything better than an iced Christmas cookie ?

I do love those, but I love any type of Christmas cookie, to be honest.

5.  Have you knit a gnome? 

No and I want to know where do all these knitted gnome patterns exist? I have needle felted a gnome though.

Are you more excited about your Christmas tree or your summer garden? 

Oh definitely the tree.

You've just created your favorite winter colorway.
What do you call it? 


Someone is secretly knitting you a Christmas gift.
What do you wish it to be?

A big and cozy fisherman's knit sweater.

If you need snow for the perfect Christmas, 
what do you need for the perfect
4th of July?

Peace on earth and no fireworks. Yes, I live in a dream world.

Let's make the last one yes or no.
Yes or no, :
No it is quite lovely here today! I don't think it got above 80!


kathy b said...

Oh gift mittens are really coming along nicely ! LOvely work> Id have a hard time giving those away!

Love the name JINGLE for a colorway

KSD said...

"Jingle" is genius.