Monday, July 25, 2016

Faith and begorrah--it's a Quora!

*You are getting yarn in the mail today as a gift.
Oh I don't know--I love a surprise! I hope it is sock yarn though.

*You are knitting poolside. 
What are you ordering from the cabana boy?
Probably Diet Coke with a lime--although I've pretty much given up Diet Coke. But hey, it's by the pool!

*You are asked to give a 5 minute presentation about any aspect of knitting at all. What is your topic?
Hmm. Maybe Judy's Magic Cast on for toe up socks? That can be done in five minutes.

*You can ask for a knitter to finish any of your WIP
Which one is it ? 
Oh lordy. I don't even like to say because it has been OTK for so long. But probably the romeo shawl.

*You take good care of your hands. 
Are you nails short or long?
They are very short, because I don't take good care of my hands (sorry Kathy).

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