Sunday, July 31, 2016

Irina Update

I  sort of put down Irina for a bit--no good reason, I was just enjoying doing the fisherman's knit sweater ("Kathy's Sweater") and now that I'm on the sleeves, Irina is very easy to pick up and put down. Well, all that pick upping and put downing has resulted in this:

One more sleeve to go and I"m done. This is interesting construction--the sleeve was knit in the round to the armholes and then worked flat. So there's no seam there, nor are there side seams. So basically when I finish the other sleeves, I block it, pop in the sleeves, sew the top seams and I guess do something with the neck, and that's done.

I've also finished with the entire bottom half and the top back of Construction Zone--it is a fun construction too as the bottom half is knit in the round, the top halves are knit separately, and then joined to make a neckline and cap type sleeves. So that is close to being done now too. Close meaning less than 25% left.

So I will probably take some time and focus on getting these two done in the next week or two weeks or so. I have a pile of things I'd like to cast on for but I thought I'd try to get the WIPs in a bit better shape. And that seems to be happening!

I finished "Versions of Us" and friends, it was good. If you see it on your library shelf you should check it out.

Yesterday we did a 3.5 mile walk--BEFORE BREAKFAST--with the dogs. We went up to the woods near our house, walked through the woods, and then down through the University district. The hot hot hot weather of late in the week had broke a bit. We're off for a ramble around the river soon.

Hope your weekend is beautiful too.

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Rachel said...

Look at those cables. SO...I tried to find that pattern on Ravelry and couldn't (and figured out quickly that you don't update your projects there anymore...shame on you!). Can you help me out?