Monday, July 11, 2016

Monday Quora

 If it is Monday, Kathy has a Quora!

*After a long day of knitting would you rather:
a) soak in a hot tub
b) have a massage
c) have a manicure

Definitely soak in a hot tub. I am not a fan of strangers touching parts of me!

*Many of us are sock knitters. 
Have you ever put rubber dots on the sock bottoms for slippage?
No--I do have some leather soles for slippers that are in the 'hiatus' bin.

*Super secret Revelation:
I haven't had a pedicure yet this season.  WHAT? Hush, no shame as the Fat Squirrel knitter Amy Beth would say. 
When was your last pedi?
Never--see #1!

*Are you waiting for anything to bloom in your garden?
I am. I am waiting for our first Rose of Sharon blooms and the first Zinnia blooms. Everything else has been up and running for awhile.
I don't think so--the butterfly bush is in bloom and that is usually the last thing to go.

*Do you own anything at all, anything, solar powered?
I have a solar powered porch light that's amazing. 
I have some solar powered holiday decorations for the yard.
We have some solar powered yard lights that don't work that well.

*So Many CUBS are in the All Star lineup this year.  It is so super exciting to me.  Will you watch the home run contest or the game?  Neither? Both?  (BOTH FOR ME) 
I don't think so but you never know.

*Finally, Your name for a winter yarn were all so amazingly awesome.  Let's try again.  Name a midsummer Yarn Colorway. 
Here are a few of mine: 
Perfect Pedi (corals) 
Firefly (yellows and grays)
and Green tomatoes on the vine.  (Greens) 
Summer Storm (greys, blues and yellows)
Wildflowers (pinks, purples, cornflower blue)
Oregon Summer (every single green ever)


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kathy b said...

Oregon summer in greens is an awesome colorway and name.
Summer Storm!! Of course, I love a summer storm