Friday, July 01, 2016

Rabbit Rabbit

Happy first of July! This is my official 'stop blowing off everything and start doing stuff' day--kind of an odd day to pick for the first day of a long weekend but whatever. I need to start being focused and stop wasting the beautiful summer. It has been challenging because of feeling on hold for the cria--and said cria is still not here! So I guess I'll be waiting around again this weekend. I really thought s/he would be here by now.

So I"m halfway through 'day 2' of the 12 days of Christmas:

I think I'm doing better--you can kind of see the two turtle doves, can't you?

And here's the other side--half a 2:

 What is up with you this July 4 weekend?

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kathy b said...

Alright, what is up with Cria? I m so worried now. Im staring at St. Francis now and praying that baby comes. Is there really that much leeway with due dates and these creatures.
You are so patient with your fair isle. GOOD rework