Sunday, July 03, 2016

Still waiting

We're trying to make the most of the waiting time--and we're doing pretty good! As you might guess, still no cria--it is about 11am on Sunday and there's still a chance it will happen today but we'll see.

Which means probably not.

We started the 'long' weekend (in quotes, because Tim will be working on Monday--we didn't have any plans and he gets 'floating' holidays that he can take when he wants to, so without serious plans it makes sense to work from home)--anyway, we started the 'long' weekend with the Lyle Lovett concert Friday night which was great. It was outdoors and beautiful (and non-buggy) night. We had great seats (birthday present from Tim to me) and the concert was a lot of fun.

Saturday we slept in (for us) (8:30) and got up and took a long walk/hike (wike?). There's a park with trails near us, so we walked up hill to the park and then walked the dogs on one of the trails--much shadier and cooler for our short legged pups! Then we went to lunch and to the Saturday market--just kind of strolling around. We came home and I hung out reading while Tim worked on his boat.

Today we were up early and took another long walk with the dogs. We stay close to home on the weekend of the 4th since Pilot hates fireworks. They already started last night.

And I finished the entire bottom and the front of Irina:

Turn your head sideways please. Thank you.

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kathy b said...

Gorgeous blue in that knit up. No problem with me turning my head sideways.
Oh Cria...