Tuesday, July 05, 2016


LWR=Long Weekend Recap

Generally the 4th is crowded and hot, and we tend to avoid places that are crowded and hot, and this weekend we had the added gift of waiting to see if the cria is born (spoiler: no) and so that changed things. But we did manage to have a good time!

1. We took a hike on the ribbon trail near our house.
2. We had brunch at Steelhead Brewing and tried new dishes.
3. We wandered around the Saturday Market and marveled and what people will spend time doing.
4. We drank shandies on the patio in the sun and took little naps.
5. We took a long walk by the river with the dogs on Sunday.
6. I made pasta salad and it was very good!
7. We grilled out sausages and ate baked Kettle Chips, which are AMAZING and not really bad for you at all.
8. I cleaned my closet (Tim worked from home on Monday).
9. We went for a paddle in the kayaks in the Canoe Canal in town--it was very crowded with people parking and walking to the Olympic Trials but we did snag a good parking place and paddled for about an hour.
10.We took care of Pilot, who is one of those dogs that think the world is ending when fireworks go off.

I read two books that weren't very good: "The Paris Apartment" and "Everything We Keep". Both I could have just stopped (The Paris apt was a library book and Everything We Keep was free on Kindle) but I persevered. That doesn't mean you should.

Happy 5th and Maybe Happy Cria Day!


kathy b said...

Cmon CRIA!!! cmon Cria~!
I had to buy ALlsion a dolly before I went into labor.
can you bribe that baby to come out!

AsKatKnits said...

Fingers crossed for the pending birth! What a fantastic weekend you had!

Bonny said...

Shandies on the patio, naps, and a paddle sound pretty good. A cria would be even better; fingers crossed it happens soon!

Kwizgiver said...
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