Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Working on Normal


I'm trying to get back to normal. It is challenging when life is just there waiting for you at every turn. Yesterday I drove up to Tualatin (90 minutes north) to pick up Brownie's remains at the crematorium. Now that was Fellini Icing on the Fellini Cake that the last week or so has been.

Thanks to all the support from you guys, and a big hug to Rachel who knows why she is getting a hug.

There is knitting, believe it or not:

This sweater will always be known as Kathy's sweater--not that she's going to get it (sorry Kathy) but because she inspired me to knit it.


Bridget said...

I know. I expect any day to get the call that Dug's ashes are ready. And though it will be nice to bring him home, so to speak, it still sucks.

Take care. And that's a lovely sweater, btw.

kathy b said...

What/?? Me kathy? AWE.
More big hugs.....
Good things will come

kathy b said...

glad the quora's good for something and someones!

Rachel said...

Normal will return quicker than seems right but normalcy doesn't erase the loss... I've never cremated one of my animals (pets or research) and didn't realize that was an option...we always bury. It's nice that you have that little piece of her. And thanks for the hugs although I wasn't very helpful! ;)