Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Not. Even. Close.

I'm not even close to starting the sleeve cap shaping for this:
It has to be 19 inches before shaping. That's one entire more X! 26 more rows! Argh!

In other news:

1. There is a hurricane headed toward HI today, and another Saturday/Sunday. Please hold a good thought that the second one does not interfere with our travel.
2. I think I know which projects I'm taking, but I think I need another sock to take too.
3. I spent the morning at Aragon Alpacas, and preliminary tests show that Tink is pregnant (she spit on her boy friend). 
4. That's it!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tot: The Missing One

Today Carole asked about ten things I miss about home when I'm on vacation. We leave soon for 11 days away and so I have some anticipatory missing to get to!

1. The animals, for sure. We sometimes travel with the dogs but sometimes not. Either way its stressful. I do miss them and know they are well taken care of when we're away.

2. My bed and pillows. We have a very comfortable bed.

3. My routine. I'm a big routine person.

4. Walks around the block before bed. We often do a quick ten minute walk before bed. See #3.

5. Choice. Not having to rely on the six things I brought with me.

6. Knowing where everything is.

7. Early fall in Oregon. Because it is beautiful! Luckily it will be here when we return.

8. The animals.

9. The animals.

10. The animals.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Quora makes me laugh!

Kathy moved to her new place and her Quora today reflects her new environment and her time to relax because the moving is over.

It also is making me laugh!

  1. Moving has done wonders for my brain.  I am asked and I ask myself a dozen times a day, (not exaggerating) , Where is the (insert noun) ? Amazingly, 99% of the time I know where something is in the new home.  This has really been a gift to me as my mom's dementia is always in the back of  my mind.So silver lining there. Where's your silver lining today? It is still early here but I love the idea of a silver living. I'm having some anxiety over our upcoming trip, and I need to think about what the silver lining is--probably it is that we are so overprepared in plenty of time!
  2. The sunset photo below was taken on Saturday.  It may be my best sunset photo ever.  Where was your favorite sunset photo taken? (mine on Willow road headed to the tollway (94) in Northbrook Illinios). Tim has some beautiful sunset pictures from the beach in Pacific City, Oreogn.

3. Summertime and the knitting is mindless here.  I have to pay attention to baseball.  It is nearly September folks. The CUBS are still in first place in their division.  Should I knit and felt a CUBS colors stocking?  This is our year.  It is . It is.  Definitely. I think it is definitely the CUBs year.

4.  Amy Beth of the Fat Squirrel podcast is giving away some goodies to folks who send her a microdonation of a dollar.  I dont' mind giving her a dollar. She makes me laugh.  She makes Al laugh. Have you tried Amy Beth on you tube?  She is a great knitter and she explains it all very well. I haven't but I will seek her out.

5. Confession: I haven't been to a knit shop in over a month.  I've been too busy with the moving.  This may be the longest I've gone without a knit shop visit. Oh, maybe that explains all the itching I've been going through.  So it has been at least  A month.  What's your longest? Probably six months or so.

6. Have you had a skinny girl Margherita? I have.  You should.On the list!

7. Do you self diagnose?  I do all the time.  I think I have a badly bruised tail bone from a fall from a kitchen chair before we moved. 
I have decided its not a break or a fracture.  What's your own diagnosis? Yep I do! Moderate anxiety!

8. Linda my pal is coming over today. Or coming up rather from Chicago to visit.  She knits those amazing little animals.  She's been on an animals only kick for over a year.  She's a perfectionist and they are perfect.  Stuffed so tight you cant pinch them.  If you could knit an animal which one would it be?  I think I would knit a dog for my desk.  An alpaca!

9. Confession number 2: I haven't had a pedicure all summer. No time.  My toes are boring.  What color are your toenails today? Toe colored!

10. I believe all my yarn got here safely.  Whoop whoop! I haven't unpacked it yet.  Should I wait for a rainy day? I have my stocking yarn in a bag I brought with me in the car.  It never left my side. Yep, wait for the first coolish fall day, which will probably be soon!

Yesterday was weave in ends day. Here is what I wove in!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Low Mojo

My knitting mojo is still low, I think I have a little touch of something--yesterday I basically lay on the sofa and did nothing. I'm not feeling that much better today, but we did get for a long walk and I'm puttering around doing some house cleaning and such.

Rosalind Franklin continues:

I put in a large photograph so you can see the DNA pattern. It's cool.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Slow going

For whatever reason, I haven't been able to focus on this sock too well. However, I do have one done and ta da!

Tuesday I spent most of the day moving pictures off of an 'old' computer that had to be returned to school. Apparently we are only allowed two computers and I had three--which they found out about when I put in a request for a new air. The old computer (not an air--a desktop) wasn't good for much except pictures, but I had to go through almost 4000 of them and cull out knitting ones (about 3000 of them).

Today I went to the farm and we bred Tink to Kokopelli. Keep your fingers crossed that it takes.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Meet Sleeve #1

I can pretty much do this pattern in my sleep now:

I think I'm about halfway through the main part of the sleeve (up to the part where the decreases start) so there's that. Of course I still have sleeve #2 to do.

Other than that--it was a hot day on Saturday, and Tim did boat work and I worked on cleaning up the guest room. Sunday was nicer--we took a long walk and I did more clean up. Life is kind of on the dull side.

Yesterday I put in an order for a new computer at work (my Macbook Air is old and the period and comma keys don't work) and got an email from our computer guy saying that I can only have 'two' official computers and I have three. I have the fairly new MacBook, the old Air, and an even older desktop. So I have to clear off the desktop and turn that in. I like the desktop but it won't do most stuff I need to do so I just use it for checking my comcast email, because I have been too lazy to put my comcast email on my good computer. I guess I better get unlazy.

The biggest challenge with the old desktop is that it has just about all of my pictures, so I have to find a place to put them. I have an external drive somewhere that I just have to dig up. So that's today's fun!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Quora Time!

Kathy's Quora has a lot of visuals today so you should go look at her original post. 

1- Have you ever won an award? Yes--I used to enter my knitting in the county fair and won several ribbons. I do believe it was sort of a 'y'all come' in terms of ribbons though.
2- Do you like the baby blanket below? I do. It has zig zags and is in neutral colors, which I think is nice for a blanket.
3- What's your favorite gauge to knit in? I have a bunch of size 5 chigoo circulars and basically use those for everything! Except socks!
4- Where was the best cup of coffee you ever enjoyed?Oh that's a hard one because I've had great coffee! We really enjoyed the coffee we had at this chain of coffee places in NZ, and also had great coffee from a little coffeehouse in Trinidad California. That's just for starters!
5- Do you have a favorite family recipe that has been passed down for a few generations? Nope. I come from a long line of bad cooks.
6- Did you know you can have a conversation in the message section of Facebook with someone out of the country? I did!
7- Is it harder to send the kids to kindergarten or college? I have no idea!
8. This is a new free Knitpicks pattern.  I may have to knit one.  I think pattern are so much better written now than years ago.  Do you? Often. I think a lot of people test their patterns because they have gotten pretty expensive (some go for $6 or $7 each). There was a long period when many patterns in magazines (cough-VK-cough) were riddled with errors, and I think due to the increased pressure and competition that is changing.

9. Ravelry really changed our craft and our communication. Do you have an old pattern that a family member passed down to you?
I have an old pattern for a baby layette that a friend gifted me--it was her mom's. Does that count?

10. When is the last time you traveled with your pet in a car?
I took the dogs on a 4 hour car ride to pick up Brownie's remains from a city two hours from here. They did fine!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Oh no! No mojo!

I've (hopefully temporarily) lost my knitting mojo, probably because it is so damn hot and I felt really out of it yesterday.

The high yesterday was 105. We're very lucky that a. it really only gets this hot a few days during the summer--usually the highs are in the mid80s and b. we don't have humidity. Right now, right before noon, it is 84 out (out hottest time is 4-6pm) and the humidity in 31%. Most of the time in the summer all one has to do is get in the shade and you're fine. But temps above 100 really don't allow for shade sitting.

This morning we got out by 7:30 for a 3 1/2 mile walk with the dogs, and then after breakfast (which we ate on the patio, it was delightful out) Tim started working in the garage (he's doing a big clean) and I started working in the guest/yarn room (ditto). I got 10,000 steps by 11am (a new record maybe!) but I really started feeling the heat. I got things to the point in that room that I can tackled several little jobs one at a time and it will be all set for when we go on vacation and our dog sitters stay over a few times.


There is a bit of knitting. This is the start of one of the Verybusymonkey shawls called "Rosalin Franklin". Franklin worked with Watson and Crick on the discovery of DNA and I thought "Oh I bet she would be an interesting person to research and write a book about" and then googled and tehre are several books and even a few movies about her. Anyway--the Shawl is fun. This is the 'sideways' part of the shawl, and then a perpendicular part gets knitted on. I'm using Cobasi so that is a nice yarn for summer.

I quickly read Alan Cumming's memoir, Not My Father's Son, and it was very good. If you haven't read it you should.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Finished (sorta) things

I finished the second front, so I have to do the sleeves next:
I finished the mitten (five gold[en] rings) but it needs weaving in and blocking. I think I will do a few more in color rather than black and white.

Yeah, the five is upside down. It is too hot, the computer is acting up, and I think I'm a bit cranky so please use your imagination.

Reading: I finished "Truly Madly Guilty" by Liane Moriarty (not sure if that is her name). It was pretty good. Short chapters with cliff hangers that kept you moving, which sort of feels manipulative but I fell for it! Now I'm reading Alan Cumming's memoir. It's fascinating.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Five Gold Rings

So, do you sing it "five gold rings" or "five golden rings'?

That's this week's mitten, which is going kind of slow.

I have maybe a third left? I should be able to finish these tomorrow afternoon (during dedicated mitten time).

I had a moment on Monday when I had to cast on for all the things. I cast on for two shawls, both patterns from Very Busy Monkey--I have already knit her geology shawl and cast on for both the Green Beryl Shawl and the Rosalind Franklin shawl. She uses great stitches and interesting construction and patterns come in both written out and charts. I really love her patterns (but I think you could tell that).

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Hello Tinkerbell!

Meet Tinkerbell. She's a  suri alpaca whose owners decided that she needed a new home. She's been living at Aragon Alpacas (where I board) for a few months, and mow she's ours!

She's about six years old and has a one-year old daughter named Georgia, who also lives at Aragon Alpacas.
When I went out to the farm to sign paperwork today, she was waiting close to the barn where cars park. I brought apples for her (and the rest of the pacas) and she was quite appreciative.

Fingers crossed--we're going to try to breed her next week.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Quora is not a bore-a!

 When was the last time you saw a butterfly? 
We have a big butterfly bush and a small butterfly bush, but I haven't seen any for a few days. Definitely within the past week though. I also have seen bats in the evening which I love!
Why on Earth is this shoe on top of the station wagon.?  It appears to be tied there.  
Decoration? I say this based on the 'Art' sticker on the back of the windshield. And hey,  I THINK THESE ARE OREGONIANS! I might be wrong. If they are Oregonians, that would explain it all.

Do you prefer a cardigan with buttons or a zipper?  (assuming you dont have to put the buttons or zipper in) 
I think buttons are more forgiving and zippers are more modern. 
When was the last time you wished you didn't have so many ends to weave in?
Thursday when I blocked the Irina sweater and despaired, literally despaired, over the ends.

When was the last time someone asked you, "Did you knit that?" (this includes relatives who have seen you don articles of clothing that perhaps begged the question) .
Probably the last time I wore hand knit socks.

When was the last time you spilled a drink?
I didn't yesterday, I don't think, but within the last three days definitely.
My life is looking for butterflies and spilling on myself.

Are you a fan of Dot&Bo house decor?  (the are the new pottery barn in my book)
I am not familiar with them!
When was the last time you floated in a tube on a river or lake, jet skied or water skied?
Well, we were in a blow up kayak last weekend, does that count? Before that it might have been Tennessee 20 years or so ago. 
If you could knit with anyone today who would it be? (not fair to say me, that's a given

Saturday, August 13, 2016

It's hot

We're having a heat wave,
An Oregon heat wave!

Yep, it is warm here--mid 90s yesterday and today (HEAT ADVISORY!).  We even kept the a/c on last night which we never do. But it was hot.

Yet, I knit an aran cardigan:
That's half of the front and half of the other half of the front.

I've been working a lot (lots of revise and resubmits) and doing a few other projects. I can't believe August is halfway done--it has gone way too fast!

I don't have a whole lot  more to say but enjoy your weekend!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Fiber FWPs

Fiber FWP #1: whenever I block this, it keeps changing size:
Irina! Yes it is finished and I love it (I'm olding my arm awkwardly so you can see the sleeve, but I'm not sure if you can). This came together pretty quickly and I modified the neckline. It is now blocked at a size I ike but I worry it will never look like this again.

Fiber FWP #2: I got out the swift and ball winder to wind up some yarn. I had six skeins I wanted to wind. I started at about 3:30 thinking it would take about half an hour total to do it. Well, my friends, of the six skeins, only two went lickety split. Three got all kerfluffled and I had to take everything off--I finished two myself and Tim was working on the third last evening. The sixth skein--it didn't even want to sit nicely on the swift. Argh. Argh argh argh.

Fiber FWP #3: The only thing I like about winding yarn is that I can sit with a good book while I crank the ball winder. I'm really enjoying "The Hopefuls" by Jennifer Close--about the lives of young DC residents during the Obama registration--but only could read like ten pages yesterday due to FWP #3. I hope to take some time and finish it today.

So I'm ready to cast on for some new stuff, as right now I have a sock and a cable sweater OTN (and all the WIPs I'm hiding from in the yarn room). So that should be exciting to see!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Stuff and nonsense

So I have some stuff and no real nonsense to tell you about:

  • "Construction Zone" is done and blocking:

    This is an easy mindless knit that I"ll knit again with some linen that I found in the stash.
  • Monday I attended story time at the Springfield library, along with Mowgli the alpaca:
     Mowgli belongs to Cindy in the pink tee. Kristen, in the grey, works at the library. Mowgli is wearing a bandana. He behaved beautifully!

    Here is Mowgli being escorted in by Cindy (in pink) and Ann (in white). Ann owns the farm where I board Atom. 
    • I read a cozy called "Books can Be Deceiving" which promised to feature knitting and books. Books were clearly featured, with just a wee bit of knitting. It was OK. 
    • Other than that, work and knitting. I started "Five  Golden Rings" but didn't get too far on it 
    • I'm going to try to do finish Irina today!

Tuesday, August 09, 2016


For today's ToT, Carole asked us for ten works that describe ourselves, starting with the first letter of our names.

Now, there are lots of Kim and Kyms and Kathies and other Ks out there but I'm challenging myself to do mine without looking at theirs' to see if I can do this. Is K an easy or a hard letter?
  1. Knowledgeable: or really not so much since I had to google how to spell this word. But yes, I know stuff about stuff. I know stuff about communications, about methods, about fiber, about alpacas, so there you go.
  2. Kind: or I try to be. One thing I learned from hanging with the Alpaca Ladies is that they are all very kind, and I am being much more aware of being kind instead of being neutral (I'm rarely unkind).
  3. Knitter: self explanatory. I meant that to be #10 but I'm already hitting a wall!
  4. Keen: that's a good word, right? I tend to jump in on things fairly enthusiastically.
  5. Kindle: ok that's kind of cheating but I love reading and I love my kindle.
  6. Kayaker: lordy how did that one not get to the top? 
  7. Kooky: I definitely have a crazy streak in me.
  8. Kidder: I do like to tease people and to break the ice with a joke. Interestingly, a lot of my colleagues don't know when I'm joking, because the rumor among younger colleagues is I'm terrifying (I'm not).
  9. Kibble feeder: I love our dogs and cats so much!
  10. Kudzu hater: yep I've run out of steam. I do hate kudzu though!

Monday, August 08, 2016

If it is Monday---

--it was by QUORA time from Kathy!

*Ice cubes or fake cubes?
I had no idea fake cubes existed. So real cubes!

*Shawls or Stole? 
I like stoles. As Kathy said "I don't like shawls that come to a point and put a big arrow to my behind." Plus, I can't escape the 'granny' vibe that I feel whenever I'm wearing one.

Campfire or fireplace fire
Oh definitely the fireplace fire.  

Blanket: fringe or border?
  I've never really been very good with fringe. I like a border.

*Rowdy Gaines or Phil Liggett?
(Swim announcer or cycling)
  Even with Kathy's explanation, I have no idea what she is talking about.

*Suet or Seed?
I don't know what suet is? We do seeds here.

*Mt. Rushmore or Statue of Liberty?
I've never seen Mt. Rushmore except in "North by Northwest" so I'll say Lady Liberty.

*Beret pattern or headband?
Neither are my favorite. I guess headband?

*USPS or Fed Ex?
We have rotating USPS people and some are better others. Now our UPS guy, he's been around for years. He's my favorite.

*Knit on a screen porch or knit on a beach?
I'm going to have to say beach to this one!

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Sunday morning

My blog post titles have been very unimaginative this week! Sorry about that.

Well, there's no second sleeve syndrome here! In a few more rounds I'll be ready to start on the sleeve cap:

So by this time next week I should have a finished sweater! Yay!

I got most of this done at the knitting group last Friday--this is the second time I went. It was fine. I'm also considering purchasing another alpaca so I visited her. As soon as that deal is done I'll post a photo and share all the details---I'm still a bit gun shy about talking about anything alpaca related.

Yesterday we began with a long walk and then Tim spent much of the afternoon working on his kayak. It is almost ready to get fiberglassed---it is a strip built cedar kayak and it is beautiful (I should have taken pictures of it yesterday, sorry). He spent yesterday finishing the outside sanding on it, now he has some inside sanding (inside of the kayak) (:-)) and then he will be ready for finishing.

Today we are thinking about doing a quick float down the McKenzie although the sun has gone behind clouds. We walked for 2 miles with the dogs this morning and now they are sacked out.

Enjoy Sunday!

Friday, August 05, 2016


This has been kind of a weird week. I haven't been able to focus too well on anything. I'm not quite sure what is going on--is it some type of 'summer brain'?

Given that a new chart comes out on Monday, I hurried up and finished this mitten:

I'm pretty sure I'll use gold yarn for Day 5, just to SHAKE THINGS UP!

And we have a Bingo--I think. I've been staring at the cover of the Harry Potter script and can't figure out if there is a mythical creature there or not. It has wings, so that makes it a creature, right? There's some mythical stuff going on there. So yeah. Bingo!

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

WIP Wednesday

You know what feels good? Cleaning off your keyboard. I don't know how mine got all mucky but I just cleaned it off and now it feels great, and looks all shiny and new.

Too much information? Sorry!

The cardigan is progressing well:

I have started both the neck and the armhole decreases so I'm just about done with this half.
Those sleeves are going to take forever, though, I fear.  I might try two at once.

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

12 years of blathering

Twelve years ago today (August 2) I started this blog. And I've been blathering ever since.

This blog has connected me with lovely fiber people around the world, and for that I am thankful. So thank YOU for reading my blog and for making the world a little more beautiful.


Monday, August 01, 2016


Rabbit rabbit! Kathy has her Monday Quora all ready for us!

*Do you have a mosquito bite? 
Right now? I don't think so. I had a few stings or bites a while back, after some gardening, but I don't think I have any right now. I'm not too worried about Zika in the NW, but I'm sure it will get here eventually. I feel very concerned for all the athletes in Rio. I hope they all stay healthy!
*Have you been to a garage or rummage sale this summer?
I don't think so--trying to think if we drove by one and just stopped by. There aren't that many in our neighborhood, save for the one lady who has kind of a bizarre one every so often (she--or actually her daughter---sells 'cro magnon croquet' sets which are very roughly carved croquet mallets).
*Have you purchased a knit pattern this summer?
Yep. I bought one or two shawl patterns and Irina.
*Have you seen someone else knitting in public this summer? 
Yes, I'm sure I have although it probably didn't register.
*Have you knitted with cotton this summer? 
I'm knitting 'construction zone' with a cotton blend (Rowan Calmer) which I like more than plain cotton, which can be kind of stiff.
*Have you used Ravelry's road trip planner this summer?
I had not heard of this, so I'll find it. I know there are a few yarn shops on the Big Island and I'll have a few free mornings when Tim is scuba diving.

*Have you wished Katherine a Happy Birthday Yet? 
Happy Birthday Katherine!