Friday, August 12, 2016

Fiber FWPs

Fiber FWP #1: whenever I block this, it keeps changing size:
Irina! Yes it is finished and I love it (I'm olding my arm awkwardly so you can see the sleeve, but I'm not sure if you can). This came together pretty quickly and I modified the neckline. It is now blocked at a size I ike but I worry it will never look like this again.

Fiber FWP #2: I got out the swift and ball winder to wind up some yarn. I had six skeins I wanted to wind. I started at about 3:30 thinking it would take about half an hour total to do it. Well, my friends, of the six skeins, only two went lickety split. Three got all kerfluffled and I had to take everything off--I finished two myself and Tim was working on the third last evening. The sixth skein--it didn't even want to sit nicely on the swift. Argh. Argh argh argh.

Fiber FWP #3: The only thing I like about winding yarn is that I can sit with a good book while I crank the ball winder. I'm really enjoying "The Hopefuls" by Jennifer Close--about the lives of young DC residents during the Obama registration--but only could read like ten pages yesterday due to FWP #3. I hope to take some time and finish it today.

So I'm ready to cast on for some new stuff, as right now I have a sock and a cable sweater OTN (and all the WIPs I'm hiding from in the yarn room). So that should be exciting to see!

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KSD said...

Love it, love it, love it. That blue is just beautiful.