Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Five Gold Rings

So, do you sing it "five gold rings" or "five golden rings'?

That's this week's mitten, which is going kind of slow.

I have maybe a third left? I should be able to finish these tomorrow afternoon (during dedicated mitten time).

I had a moment on Monday when I had to cast on for all the things. I cast on for two shawls, both patterns from Very Busy Monkey--I have already knit her geology shawl and cast on for both the Green Beryl Shawl and the Rosalind Franklin shawl. She uses great stitches and interesting construction and patterns come in both written out and charts. I really love her patterns (but I think you could tell that).


kathy b said...

They are kind of Olympic them

Anonymous said...

Very pretty.

We sing five "golden" rings, I think. I've been running the song through my head and golden sounds right to me.

Happy knitting on all your new projects.