Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Hello Tinkerbell!

Meet Tinkerbell. She's a  suri alpaca whose owners decided that she needed a new home. She's been living at Aragon Alpacas (where I board) for a few months, and mow she's ours!

She's about six years old and has a one-year old daughter named Georgia, who also lives at Aragon Alpacas.
When I went out to the farm to sign paperwork today, she was waiting close to the barn where cars park. I brought apples for her (and the rest of the pacas) and she was quite appreciative.

Fingers crossed--we're going to try to breed her next week.

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Bridget said...

What a sweetie! And her daughter is cute too! Congratulations, and I hope all goes well. Give her a kiss or pat from me next time you see her. :-)