Monday, August 08, 2016

If it is Monday---

--it was by QUORA time from Kathy!

*Ice cubes or fake cubes?
I had no idea fake cubes existed. So real cubes!

*Shawls or Stole? 
I like stoles. As Kathy said "I don't like shawls that come to a point and put a big arrow to my behind." Plus, I can't escape the 'granny' vibe that I feel whenever I'm wearing one.

Campfire or fireplace fire
Oh definitely the fireplace fire.  

Blanket: fringe or border?
  I've never really been very good with fringe. I like a border.

*Rowdy Gaines or Phil Liggett?
(Swim announcer or cycling)
  Even with Kathy's explanation, I have no idea what she is talking about.

*Suet or Seed?
I don't know what suet is? We do seeds here.

*Mt. Rushmore or Statue of Liberty?
I've never seen Mt. Rushmore except in "North by Northwest" so I'll say Lady Liberty.

*Beret pattern or headband?
Neither are my favorite. I guess headband?

*USPS or Fed Ex?
We have rotating USPS people and some are better others. Now our UPS guy, he's been around for years. He's my favorite.

*Knit on a screen porch or knit on a beach?
I'm going to have to say beach to this one!

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kathy b said...

Suet is a fat cake for birds. I like it because it is not messy like seed. THey need to energy from the fat. They make a kind that can be used in extreme heat and it doesnt melt. My birds LOVE suet.