Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Meet Sleeve #1

I can pretty much do this pattern in my sleep now:

I think I'm about halfway through the main part of the sleeve (up to the part where the decreases start) so there's that. Of course I still have sleeve #2 to do.

Other than that--it was a hot day on Saturday, and Tim did boat work and I worked on cleaning up the guest room. Sunday was nicer--we took a long walk and I did more clean up. Life is kind of on the dull side.

Yesterday I put in an order for a new computer at work (my Macbook Air is old and the period and comma keys don't work) and got an email from our computer guy saying that I can only have 'two' official computers and I have three. I have the fairly new MacBook, the old Air, and an even older desktop. So I have to clear off the desktop and turn that in. I like the desktop but it won't do most stuff I need to do so I just use it for checking my comcast email, because I have been too lazy to put my comcast email on my good computer. I guess I better get unlazy.

The biggest challenge with the old desktop is that it has just about all of my pictures, so I have to find a place to put them. I have an external drive somewhere that I just have to dig up. So that's today's fun!

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