Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Not. Even. Close.

I'm not even close to starting the sleeve cap shaping for this:
It has to be 19 inches before shaping. That's one entire more X! 26 more rows! Argh!

In other news:

1. There is a hurricane headed toward HI today, and another Saturday/Sunday. Please hold a good thought that the second one does not interfere with our travel.
2. I think I know which projects I'm taking, but I think I need another sock to take too.
3. I spent the morning at Aragon Alpacas, and preliminary tests show that Tink is pregnant (she spit on her boy friend). 
4. That's it!


elns said...

Holding a good thought for safe and fun travels for you!
I laughed out loud about the spitting on her boyfriend. comment, ha. I had to make sur eit was Alpacas.

kathy b said...

Safety first. WHOOP WHOOP Tink is pregnant!!! Lets hope! St. Francis!!!