Saturday, August 20, 2016

Oh no! No mojo!

I've (hopefully temporarily) lost my knitting mojo, probably because it is so damn hot and I felt really out of it yesterday.

The high yesterday was 105. We're very lucky that a. it really only gets this hot a few days during the summer--usually the highs are in the mid80s and b. we don't have humidity. Right now, right before noon, it is 84 out (out hottest time is 4-6pm) and the humidity in 31%. Most of the time in the summer all one has to do is get in the shade and you're fine. But temps above 100 really don't allow for shade sitting.

This morning we got out by 7:30 for a 3 1/2 mile walk with the dogs, and then after breakfast (which we ate on the patio, it was delightful out) Tim started working in the garage (he's doing a big clean) and I started working in the guest/yarn room (ditto). I got 10,000 steps by 11am (a new record maybe!) but I really started feeling the heat. I got things to the point in that room that I can tackled several little jobs one at a time and it will be all set for when we go on vacation and our dog sitters stay over a few times.


There is a bit of knitting. This is the start of one of the Verybusymonkey shawls called "Rosalin Franklin". Franklin worked with Watson and Crick on the discovery of DNA and I thought "Oh I bet she would be an interesting person to research and write a book about" and then googled and tehre are several books and even a few movies about her. Anyway--the Shawl is fun. This is the 'sideways' part of the shawl, and then a perpendicular part gets knitted on. I'm using Cobasi so that is a nice yarn for summer.

I quickly read Alan Cumming's memoir, Not My Father's Son, and it was very good. If you haven't read it you should.

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kathy b said...

The heat will hurt your mojo. It effects me too. It is gorgeous out today. 70s and clear/some sun and clouds. It hasnt been thisnice in weeks.