Monday, August 29, 2016

Quora makes me laugh!

Kathy moved to her new place and her Quora today reflects her new environment and her time to relax because the moving is over.

It also is making me laugh!

  1. Moving has done wonders for my brain.  I am asked and I ask myself a dozen times a day, (not exaggerating) , Where is the (insert noun) ? Amazingly, 99% of the time I know where something is in the new home.  This has really been a gift to me as my mom's dementia is always in the back of  my mind.So silver lining there. Where's your silver lining today? It is still early here but I love the idea of a silver living. I'm having some anxiety over our upcoming trip, and I need to think about what the silver lining is--probably it is that we are so overprepared in plenty of time!
  2. The sunset photo below was taken on Saturday.  It may be my best sunset photo ever.  Where was your favorite sunset photo taken? (mine on Willow road headed to the tollway (94) in Northbrook Illinios). Tim has some beautiful sunset pictures from the beach in Pacific City, Oreogn.

3. Summertime and the knitting is mindless here.  I have to pay attention to baseball.  It is nearly September folks. The CUBS are still in first place in their division.  Should I knit and felt a CUBS colors stocking?  This is our year.  It is . It is.  Definitely. I think it is definitely the CUBs year.

4.  Amy Beth of the Fat Squirrel podcast is giving away some goodies to folks who send her a microdonation of a dollar.  I dont' mind giving her a dollar. She makes me laugh.  She makes Al laugh. Have you tried Amy Beth on you tube?  She is a great knitter and she explains it all very well. I haven't but I will seek her out.

5. Confession: I haven't been to a knit shop in over a month.  I've been too busy with the moving.  This may be the longest I've gone without a knit shop visit. Oh, maybe that explains all the itching I've been going through.  So it has been at least  A month.  What's your longest? Probably six months or so.

6. Have you had a skinny girl Margherita? I have.  You should.On the list!

7. Do you self diagnose?  I do all the time.  I think I have a badly bruised tail bone from a fall from a kitchen chair before we moved. 
I have decided its not a break or a fracture.  What's your own diagnosis? Yep I do! Moderate anxiety!

8. Linda my pal is coming over today. Or coming up rather from Chicago to visit.  She knits those amazing little animals.  She's been on an animals only kick for over a year.  She's a perfectionist and they are perfect.  Stuffed so tight you cant pinch them.  If you could knit an animal which one would it be?  I think I would knit a dog for my desk.  An alpaca!

9. Confession number 2: I haven't had a pedicure all summer. No time.  My toes are boring.  What color are your toenails today? Toe colored!

10. I believe all my yarn got here safely.  Whoop whoop! I haven't unpacked it yet.  Should I wait for a rainy day? I have my stocking yarn in a bag I brought with me in the car.  It never left my side. Yep, wait for the first coolish fall day, which will probably be soon!

Yesterday was weave in ends day. Here is what I wove in!

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kathy b said...

THanks Kim! I love when you play our MOnday game! How did the breeding go? Anyway to know?