Monday, August 01, 2016


Rabbit rabbit! Kathy has her Monday Quora all ready for us!

*Do you have a mosquito bite? 
Right now? I don't think so. I had a few stings or bites a while back, after some gardening, but I don't think I have any right now. I'm not too worried about Zika in the NW, but I'm sure it will get here eventually. I feel very concerned for all the athletes in Rio. I hope they all stay healthy!
*Have you been to a garage or rummage sale this summer?
I don't think so--trying to think if we drove by one and just stopped by. There aren't that many in our neighborhood, save for the one lady who has kind of a bizarre one every so often (she--or actually her daughter---sells 'cro magnon croquet' sets which are very roughly carved croquet mallets).
*Have you purchased a knit pattern this summer?
Yep. I bought one or two shawl patterns and Irina.
*Have you seen someone else knitting in public this summer? 
Yes, I'm sure I have although it probably didn't register.
*Have you knitted with cotton this summer? 
I'm knitting 'construction zone' with a cotton blend (Rowan Calmer) which I like more than plain cotton, which can be kind of stiff.
*Have you used Ravelry's road trip planner this summer?
I had not heard of this, so I'll find it. I know there are a few yarn shops on the Big Island and I'll have a few free mornings when Tim is scuba diving.

*Have you wished Katherine a Happy Birthday Yet? 
Happy Birthday Katherine!

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