Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Stuff and nonsense

So I have some stuff and no real nonsense to tell you about:

  • "Construction Zone" is done and blocking:

    This is an easy mindless knit that I"ll knit again with some linen that I found in the stash.
  • Monday I attended story time at the Springfield library, along with Mowgli the alpaca:
     Mowgli belongs to Cindy in the pink tee. Kristen, in the grey, works at the library. Mowgli is wearing a bandana. He behaved beautifully!

    Here is Mowgli being escorted in by Cindy (in pink) and Ann (in white). Ann owns the farm where I board Atom. 
    • I read a cozy called "Books can Be Deceiving" which promised to feature knitting and books. Books were clearly featured, with just a wee bit of knitting. It was OK. 
    • Other than that, work and knitting. I started "Five  Golden Rings" but didn't get too far on it 
    • I'm going to try to do finish Irina today!


kathy b said...

You brave soul! Good to see you enjoying that gorgeous animal

KSD said...

I'm a sucker for roll-neck sweaters; the plan is to make one very soon.