Sunday, August 07, 2016

Sunday morning

My blog post titles have been very unimaginative this week! Sorry about that.

Well, there's no second sleeve syndrome here! In a few more rounds I'll be ready to start on the sleeve cap:

So by this time next week I should have a finished sweater! Yay!

I got most of this done at the knitting group last Friday--this is the second time I went. It was fine. I'm also considering purchasing another alpaca so I visited her. As soon as that deal is done I'll post a photo and share all the details---I'm still a bit gun shy about talking about anything alpaca related.

Yesterday we began with a long walk and then Tim spent much of the afternoon working on his kayak. It is almost ready to get fiberglassed---it is a strip built cedar kayak and it is beautiful (I should have taken pictures of it yesterday, sorry). He spent yesterday finishing the outside sanding on it, now he has some inside sanding (inside of the kayak) (:-)) and then he will be ready for finishing.

Today we are thinking about doing a quick float down the McKenzie although the sun has gone behind clouds. We walked for 2 miles with the dogs this morning and now they are sacked out.

Enjoy Sunday!


kathy b said...

Kayak sounding lovely.
FLoating down a river sounds divine. THere is a launch not far from our new house. IM very excited for that.
Knitting was mish mosh this weekend. Dishcloths. A failed sock. Im on the wrongsize needles and Im fighting it. Time to cast on a nice easy CHristmas stocking again. #5

zippiknits...sometimes said...

Wow, we are both working away on sleeves. I came for a knitting fix and was treated to some. Thank you! I love all the other stuff you post about, too. And,yes, you are very knowledgeable about many things. :o)