Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tot: The Missing One

Today Carole asked about ten things I miss about home when I'm on vacation. We leave soon for 11 days away and so I have some anticipatory missing to get to!

1. The animals, for sure. We sometimes travel with the dogs but sometimes not. Either way its stressful. I do miss them and know they are well taken care of when we're away.

2. My bed and pillows. We have a very comfortable bed.

3. My routine. I'm a big routine person.

4. Walks around the block before bed. We often do a quick ten minute walk before bed. See #3.

5. Choice. Not having to rely on the six things I brought with me.

6. Knowing where everything is.

7. Early fall in Oregon. Because it is beautiful! Luckily it will be here when we return.

8. The animals.

9. The animals.

10. The animals.

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kathy b said...

I love number5. I felt like we were camping before we moved. WE had two plates, two forks, a towel and our toothbrushes and my yarn between us