Tuesday, August 09, 2016


For today's ToT, Carole asked us for ten works that describe ourselves, starting with the first letter of our names.

Now, there are lots of Kim and Kyms and Kathies and other Ks out there but I'm challenging myself to do mine without looking at theirs' to see if I can do this. Is K an easy or a hard letter?
  1. Knowledgeable: or really not so much since I had to google how to spell this word. But yes, I know stuff about stuff. I know stuff about communications, about methods, about fiber, about alpacas, so there you go.
  2. Kind: or I try to be. One thing I learned from hanging with the Alpaca Ladies is that they are all very kind, and I am being much more aware of being kind instead of being neutral (I'm rarely unkind).
  3. Knitter: self explanatory. I meant that to be #10 but I'm already hitting a wall!
  4. Keen: that's a good word, right? I tend to jump in on things fairly enthusiastically.
  5. Kindle: ok that's kind of cheating but I love reading and I love my kindle.
  6. Kayaker: lordy how did that one not get to the top? 
  7. Kooky: I definitely have a crazy streak in me.
  8. Kidder: I do like to tease people and to break the ice with a joke. Interestingly, a lot of my colleagues don't know when I'm joking, because the rumor among younger colleagues is I'm terrifying (I'm not).
  9. Kibble feeder: I love our dogs and cats so much!
  10. Kudzu hater: yep I've run out of steam. I do hate kudzu though!


Bridget said...

I enjoyed your list, and had to laugh out loud at #10!

AsKatKnits said...

Okay, I laughed at #1 and #10

Krazy good list ;)

elns said...

Fun list! I wish my name started with a K now, I want to know stuff! ;)

Also I do not think Kindle is a cheat at all. It's brilliant (see my previous comment, about knowing stuff hehe)

kathy b said...

Kibblefeeder! THat's the best Kim