Sunday, October 30, 2016

4/7 Swans

I am woefully behind on my "12 Days of Christmas" mini mittens but I have about 2/3 of day 7 done. This is done in green (dark green) yarn as I got a bit tired of the black on white motif. I'll do one more in color and then do the last four in black so it has some sense of balance to it. That is, of course, assuming it all gets done, which of course brings to mind "never assume...."

As I wrote in my last post, it is a busy time of the year with grading etc. I also had two journal submissions returned for a third revision which is good news, because they are both likely to be published, but the both still need some work. I gave my classes tomorrow as a 'work day' so I should be able to finish those papers off, and then prep a new book for classes, and so then I'll be ready for when 16 8-page papers get turned in on Wednesday.

This week was also the official 'finale' of the 100th year anniversary of the School of Journalism and Communication at the UO, my academic home. The celebration coincided with the fall meeting of our advancement council (big donor alums who come to campus, give us 'advice', and then return six months later to give us more 'advice'. The people are great but the whole exercise is odd).

Here was my Thursday and Friday, which aren't teaching days for me. Thursday started with a pre-dawn walk with the dogs and then a training session for my new 'job' as Deputy Editor at a journal (I had to learn how to work the website).  Then a phone call with a donor on his way to to campus. Then a meeting of the graduate committee, followed by another meeting with a donor, followed by a meeting with a bunch of donors. Then home to feed the dogs and change clothes, and go back to school for the 100th anniversary dinner celebration which included eight speeches and just lasted forever. Friday back to school for panels by the donors and work on a research project with one of my PhD students. Just a lot of people contact for me.

In other words, I'm participating in an interesting FB experiment that is sort of a chain letter with favorite books. You send someone a book and then give friends the name of someone to send a book to. I sent one book to someone, and so far have received two books so I'm ahead of the game. Kind of a cool idea.

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!


kathy b said...

Im so glad you are in the BOOK chain letter. I dont read that much anymore . SO thrilled and you can pass the little books I sent you along to anyone you wish Kim.
Im happy to read that your students get edited. I wrote out a few narratives for our shelter gala and they get edited. I don't mind, and I welcome it but Maybe I should edit my blogposts more??

Rachel said...

Finally checking back in here...I was in Hood River this weekend at the fiber festival and we visited an alpaca farm and I thought of you. Your colorwork looks great! I, too, had a week of social interactions that was particularly hard after a summer spent primarily alone. This week is more low key thank goodness! Oh, that book thing...I signed up for it on FB about a month ago and forgot all about it. I should probably get on that...crap. ;)