Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A Little Color

It is not a pretty fall here---we had a very dry summer so there isn't a lot of color in the trees, our winter rains started early and all is grey. I like fall (although we do seem to have to deal with a LOT of humidity in PNW terms this fall)--I like the cool temps, the fireplace burning off dust, the dark mornings and the early sunsets, and winter is also nice here, but it just seems so BROWN and somber.

Plus life here is a bit brown and somber--a lot of change at the UO (but that's always the case), a lot of pressure to fulfill goals that aren't really faculty goals, a formerly unbeatable football team that can't win a game to save their lives and believe me, that does effect students--nothing bad or awful, just somber.

So let's knit bright colorful things!

This is a cowl in granite stitch that is fun to knit. I'm using five different colors in an ombre colorway (orangish to pinkishpurplish) and the next time I update this I'll include info on the yarn. Lots of fun.

And this:

A Koi pond, using seven different colors (yes, there are tow different light blues and there's also a brown that is hard to see). This is also very cheery and a lot of fun, using a stich (knot stitch, I think) that I haven't used before.

So that makes things brighter.


Bridget said...

Those are both lovely items! I've never heard of granite stitch, I'll have to look for info.

kathy b said...

I am very ridiculous about the weather. Cloudy days just run me down. The minute the sun comes out Im a happy camper. Sigh I must get over this or move where the sun shines all the time. I love candles and fires in fireplaces and snow....
Sorry ya got a bit of the blues...but the Knitting is amazing Lady!

kathy b said...

Kim Im delighted to send you both books. I may get them in the mail this week. Feel free to pass them along when you are finished or keep them. Send me your snail mail addy again please. If you want to give it to me in a Ravelry message for privacy, you know I'm HUCKMOM. I know I have your addy somewhere...but it would be easier if you just told me again! Hugs Kathy b

Kim in Oregon said...

Thanks Kathy! THAT'S WHY YOU ASKED ON FB! yes I'll take a look and then share!