Friday, October 21, 2016

Done and done!

Not only did I finish this cowl (Beacon Rock) but I wove in the ends and gave it a little bath.

I love it. It is so soft and cozy, wraps around twice without feeling like it is choking me, and is so cheerful. I love these colors!

The yarn is from Sweet Georgia Yarns and was a mini skein set called "Party of Five". I used (almost all of) 105 yards of five different colors. Starting from the bottom in the photo above the colors are orchid, clementine, tangerine, persimmon and dutch. The colorway is called Jelly Bean!

Yesterday was a bit of a lost day. I didn't sleep well and then had various meetings and phone calls throughout the day--that was fine because my brain wasn't going to focus well on anything. I went to the symphony last night--Tim is away and my friend was going with me but she wasn't feeling well, so I went outside of my comfort zone and went by myself. It was Mahler's Sixth, which I really wanted to hear, and it did not disappoint.

Oh my. The public station I listen to is doing a fundraiser and apparently they are playing ONLY Grateful dead music all day.

That should be interesting.

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kathy b said...

Beacon is beautiful KIM!!! Good for you for going solo to an event. I think it is kind of fun that way. Sometimes more relaxing.