Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween/Cubbies Quora

Happy Halloween! The biggest Cubs fan has questions!

*Tricks!  Many tricks last night at the Cubs World Series game. 
Did you see the catcher Ross catch and drop a foul pop up only to have Rizzo catch it before it hit the ground?
Um, sorry, but no--we did jump back and forth between the Cubs and the MNF game to keep up though!

*Are you planning to have a Halloween Candy today?

OH I'm sure we'll break in to the M&Ms.
*Would you knit an accessory for your pumpkin.  No judgement I promise!
Those are quite cute, but I have neither brown nor orange yarn in the stash.
 Did you carve a pumpkin?
We didn't thisyear. It always depends how busy we are. We're busy, no pumpkins.

 * I finished my third Pekpeka Seventh Hat.  The big blue one is for me!  Knit with Zara.  How many hats to you have to wear this winter? 
I have a bunch of hats. These are really cute though.
*Did you knit during the World Series game last night?
Yep. I worked on the Koi Pond and the Christmas mitten.

*Do you have a knit plan for the week? 
Not really....

*Just for Halloween.....Have you ever made that bundt cake with leftover Milky Way bars?
No, haven't made a bundt cake for years, but that sunds great.

*Did you ever have to admit to eating something unhealthy to a doctor or nurse?  
Ha no!

*What frightens you more ? Dropped stitches or yarn chicken?
I don't know what a yarn chicken is!

OH. Just googled. It makes perfect sense. It is when you *THINK* you have enough yarn to finish something but you're not sure. You just keep knitting anyway to see if you can make it to the end.

Yarn chicken is definitely frightening. I am pretty good with dropped stitches.

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kathy b said...

I appreciate your volunteer thoughts. I dont mind going back right now but I am planning to stop in aPril when the term ends. :)