Monday, October 10, 2016

Kathy's Quora

 * Name a book or movie that your mom Loved:
Marjorie Morningstar (the book, although I know it was a movie). I liked it too.
*Who was the last nice stranger you met?
Hmm. Can't think of one right now but will ponder.

*How many inches did you knit up this weekend?
Maybe about four or five? I am working on a new cowl that has a LOT of stitches on the needle so it takes a while.

*What shape are your knit/crochet hands, in ?
These are our tools!  
Mine are messed up like Kathy's. I grabbed Pilot's retractable leash last weekend (long story) and got what I can only call a rope burn on my hands. Luckily it is not impeding the knitting.

*I'm knitting with a pair of plastic size 10 needles. 
Does that make you cringe?

Not at all! Some of my favorite needles are by Susan Bates and I like how they are warm and slightly bendy. And not epensive. 

*Miss Pie has figured a way to squeeze through the gates to get upstairs by us.  Her sight is poor.  Her will is strong.
Will she or wont she end up in our bed this week?
Yes she will. Interesting, we call one of our dogs Widget (her real name is Comet but she is a little widget).

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kathy b said...

Fireman got a bad rope burn around his calf when a friends dog tangled him in their leash. OUCH. Feel better