Tuesday, October 04, 2016

More Rosalind

Here's the current status of the Rosalind Franklin shawl--I've finished the 'sideways' part and now am working on the vertical part, which gets connected to the sideways part as you knit it.

You can see I've 'connected' about two-thirds of the 'vertical' part--connected is the wrong word because I'm knitting the vertical part WHILE connecting it so there's that.
Here is a close-up. This is fun to knit. I'm also using Cobasi which I love.

The weekend was pretty quiet---Tim did a lot of studying, the Ducks played horribly, and it was kind of rainy. I read a really good book called "Mercury" by Margot Livesay. Livesay hasn't written a lot (maybe eight novels?) but every one has been good. This is a story of what happens to a family when one member becomes obsessed over something outside of the family (Mercury). I almost didn't read it because Mercury is a horse but honestly, the horse part is secondary to the family disintegrating story. And I love a good family disintegration story.

Yesterday was a 10-hour Monday with all.the.stuff needing to be done but I had several lovely chats with students so that was nice. I often refer to Fall term as going from 0 to 60 in a matter of seconds but this year it has seemed like 0-80. But the new me, I just float on above it all. Sort of.

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kathy b said...

I m thrilled you like cosabi. I liked to knit with it but not how it seemed to weigh down the top I knit. Hope yours is perfect