Monday, October 03, 2016


Kathy, as usual, has a bunch of Monday questions!
*Which did you last wear? Flannel shirt or Sweatshirt?
Despite the aesthetics of the PacNW, I don't wear flannel, so the answer is sweatshirt.  

*Which chart is easier for you to read? Fair isle or Cables?
I do a lot more cabling so reading cable charts is second nature. I"m not as good at reading fair isle, and often end up counting colors as opposed to knowing what comes next based on the chart.

*Do you prefer a turtleneck or a cowl neck?
(Neither, really. I used to like turtlenecks but they make me look funny. Cowls seem sort of non-committal.

*Have you been on a ghost walk?  Where?

*What is the bulk of your stash...
sock yarn? Worsted? Bulky?

*Have you tried acupuncture?  Would you?
I don't think I've tried it myself but we've used it on the dogs. I would try it, and often think about it. 

*Have you eaten Halloween candy yet this year?
Nope. If I buy it I'll eat it. And I'm working on healthier eating.

*Have you seen Christmas decorations yet?
No I haven't but I haven't been looking because it is too damn early. 

*What's your charity of choice to donate to ?
Greenhill Humane Society 

*You are at the apple orchard,
do you buy  apples? donuts? cider?
Probably cider and then I forget it has no preservatives and it goes bad.

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kathy b said...

Awwww Im finding the cable chart really run Kim Why haven't I tried before???