Saturday, October 01, 2016

One down....

...and lots and lots to go.

The first week of classes is in the books--the first week of Fall term is always kind of odd. Lots of people not knowing where they are going. People dropping and adding classes (although not so much here as other places, we're on quarters-you can't really miss a week and be in a good place as a student). My classes are both honors classes and so those students tend to be a delight.

Environment wise, we have a new Dean and that is putting a lot of people off with not knowing how things will change. I take the perspective that the Dean doesn't have complete control over everything we do and I'll just keep doing things the way I have successfully done things, and let the chips fall where they may. It takes too much energy to stress about academic things I cannot control (which is most of academic life) and so I'm actively working to put that stress and energy into more productive outlets. And it seems to be working well--I got a lot of stuff done this week that sets the stage for future research work so I'm happy about that.

Knitting wise, I've returned to the 12 Days of Christmas mittens:

Number 6 is, of course, six geese a laying so you can see four of the geese and two of their eggs.

See, six?

I did #5 in gold (of course) so my thought is to do the 'middle' four in colors and the final four in black and white and that will give the garland a bit of a pop of color. I really like the ones in color more than the b/w ones. Even multicolored would be fun, using red and green.

I finished a book called "The Dollhouse" by Fiona Davis and it was good. I like mysteries that move between the present and the past, and this was one of those. The Dollhouse is the Barbizon hotel, which I guess now are high-end condos but used to be a famous residence for women. It moves between the present and a mystery that occurred in the 1950s.

Have a great weekend!

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kathy b said...

You are really plugging along with mittens! Love this pair. Good perspective on changes with a supervisor. Very insightful