Monday, October 17, 2016

Quora breaks my brain

Once again we enter Kathy's interesting little world and answer her random questions that kind of hurt to answer. You'll have to visit her blog for the answers to some of these.

Some superfun friends visited Saturday.  I made them sit on a limb for this photo. 3 of them were terrified.   Q: Guess which one is the flight attendant...(Left to right: Dayna, Matt, Nick and James): I think it is Nick.

The fall is really here.  I needed to change up my knitting this weekend. I was all unsettled and wonky until I found some flame orange in my stash... Q: Guess what I'm knitting....So the question is "Guess what Kathy is knitting" because you all know what I'm knitting. And I have no idea. A scarf. Yes, a scarf. Wait a second, no, socks. 

* Someone killed a mouse that dared come in the house this weekend.  When I saw the scene of the murder I shrieked and had Fireman come take the body away.  Mice unnerve me. Perhaps thats why I have four cats :)  Q: Which one of my cats got the mouse?  The one that isn't Miss Pie. The big one.

*Allison helped me figure out a pattern yesterday. 
There's a four row repeat. 
Row 1 and 3 are the same. 
This meant if I wasn't paying attention,
I wasn't sure if I was on Row 2 or row 4. 
Q: How many were going to St. Ives?  Stop it now.

*If you have a Ravelry account and we are friends, 
I stalked your projects this weekend looking for inspiration.
Q: For your last project what was the inspiration:
a blog post, the yarn, the pattern? I mostly get inspired by patterns.

*Q: If Dee and Judy met on a car trip midway, what state would they end up in? (hint I've been there)  My guess: Tennessee

*Q: Taxes? Katherine, when you move to the country and your cats catch mice, can you deduct their living expenses? I know the answer to this one! No.

*Q: Whose nervous about my Cubs?  Me!

*Q: Made crockpot Italian beef for guests this weekend. 
Chuck roast, garlic, Pepperoconi, seasoning.
Guess what we made for dessert and whose Blog the recipe came from?That sounds good. I have no idea.

Q: When you pick up your knitting, does your mind wander or focus? Depends! Usually I can focus for a while before I wander.

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