Thursday, October 20, 2016

TWT: The best breakfast

Carole and Kat have started Think Write Thursday and today's prompt is the best breakfast.

I like breakfast a lot. I might even argue it is hard to have a bad breakfast. As a result, arguably the best breakfast has little to do with the food and more to do with the place and the people. So here are the ones that stick in my head:

-the breakfast at IHOP that my friends 'kidnapped' me for--for probably my 18th birthday.

-the breakfast at a homestay in Holland when I was in college where we had poached eggs with chocolate sprinkles for breakfast.

-the breakfast at the Athenaeum in London after a long flight--toast in little toast holders and the waiter asked whether I wanted my coffee 'black or white', with my mom and godmother.

-the breakfast sitting around the table at Chalet Romantica in Pahia, NZ where there were eight of us--an Aussie couple, a Kiwi couple, a Canadian couple, and us. Fascinating conversations.

-breakfast overlooking Kilauea at Volcano house in Hawaii, with Tim.


kathy b said...

Good prompt. Love your breakfast thoughts. I hate to use mypoints up at breakfast and have never been big on breakfast BUT that's not to say I havent' had the best hash browns ever at Walker Bros original pancake house. I also love baked french toast. Bacon. Sausage links. BAGELS from Einstien.

Kim in Oregon said...

Kathy--LOVE WALKER BROTHERS! And also loved Poppin Fresh Pies.

AsKatKnits said...

Great post! I love all your international breakfast times! And, who cannot love IHOP for your 18th birthday!!